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The Most Awful Things That Happened In Montreal In 2015

A not-so-happy retrospective.
The Most Awful Things That Happened In Montreal In 2015

2015 may have had some highs, but there were definitely more than a few low moments throughout the year.

Some made us laugh in disbelief, others made us cringe in disgust, and a terrible few inspired a brief feeling of shame for being a Montrealer.

All together, such moments make up the most awful things that happened in Montreal in 2015.

Take note Montreal, and lets learn from our mistakes because we definitely don't need for history to repeat when it comes to any of these not so rad moments of 2015-history.

Photo cred - wikimedia

When Montreal Dumped 8 Billion Liters Of Sewage Into The Saint Lawrence River

Otherwise known as #SewageGate, this complete blunder saw the City of Montreal approve of a gigantic sewage dump into the Saint Lawrence River. Even worse, the Canadian government was entirely aware and let the whole thing happen.

While the tangible negative effects of the 8 billion liter sewage dump were contested, and truthfully have yet to be seen, #SewageGate still got tons of international press coverage, putting Montreal on the map in the worst of ways.

Photo cred - Louis Bandis

When Montreal Police Officers Were Caught Peeing In Public...Twice

You know how police officers are supposed to be paragons of justice, serving as role models for citizens? If only that were the case in Montreal, where officers straight up piss in public.

Don't get me wrong, there are some upstanding police men and women in Montreal, but these two guys probably don't fit into that mold. Twice in one week, two separate SPVM officers were caught peeing right in the street by passersby, which is both super embarrassing (for us, as a city) and entirely against the law.

Dishonorable mention: The wacky pants seen on Montreal police officers throughout the year, saved from this list because they were at least worn for a cause.

The Montreal Uber Wars

Both sides of the Uber-debate, seen in Montreal in 2015 and throughout Canada, have fairly good points. Traditional taxi drivers are losing money and jobs due to a service they deem illegal, specifically UberX. Uber, on the other hand, offers an arguably superior product, and are thus used by many willing citizens despite the backlash from the taxi industry.

If only the debate didn't f*ck over all of our lives. Not only did Montreal's cab drivers block certain bridges and muff up traffic, but we also had to deal with the incessant nagging from both taxi and Uber drivers.

Seriously, every time I got into a cab or an Uber this year I had to get an earful about how the other side is complete evil. You have strong feelings, I get it, but must you ruin this ride with your whining? The awkwardness alone earns the ongoing Uber War a place on the list.

When We Found Out What Happens To Your Body After Eating A Poutine

Deep down, we all knew how bad a poutine is, at least health-wise, but when we found out the specifics, it wasn't the greatest of moments.

Suddenly, every 3am (and 12pm, and 4pm, and 8pm) poutine we've ever had flashed back in our minds, and utter guilt for eating something so terribly unhealthy then overtook the memory.

Sure, we all said "ahh f*ck it" the next time we got a poutine craving and shut the nutritional info out of our minds, but that initial moment was pretty rough.

When Cops Infiltrated Student Protests

Montreal cops have never really had that great of a reputation. Only a few weeks ago, the SPVM's image took an even bigger dive, when several police officers infiltrated a planned student protest.

As if the shady method of keeping tabs on the public (one that's apparently used regularly) wasn't bad enough, the officers were also reported to have violently attacked certain protesters, escalating the lively demonstration against austerity into a state of pandemonium.

2015 wasn't a year to be proud of the city's police force, to say the least. Read more on what happened here.

When Moe's Closed Down Forever

A beloved 24hr greasy spoon on the corner of Rue Lambert Closse and de Maisonneuve, Moe’s-Casse-Croute-du-Coin shut its doors forever on December 7th.

In operation since 1958, Moe's closure meant we could never again grab a quick stack of pancakes or mess of bacon at 4am at a veritable Montreal institution, which personally sent me into a whirlpool of sadness. Just writing this and thinking about Moe's being closed is making me tear up a little.

Anything about F*ckboys or F*ckgirls

The English language is constantly evolving, but sometimes, it isn't for the better. Take "f*ckboy/girl," for example, the 2015 buzz word that flooded our collective news feed this year.

Defined as "a person who is a weak ass pussy that ain't bout shit," the term is a grossly shining example of just how ridiculous and degrading modern culture can be.

Not to say that we weren't above stopping to the "fuck boy" level. If not created by us, you no doubt saw some useless online article about a "fuck" person from another site at some point on social media, which you couldn't help but click, read, then feel a few IQ points dumber.

Lets hope the "fuckboy/girl" trend stays with 2015.

When Kylie Jenner Came To Montreal

Usually it's pretty cool to hear a celeb is coming to Montreal. You see the news, you say "oh, sweet," then move on with your day.

That wasn't the case when it was announced Kylie Jenner (a celebrity who's famous for being famous) was spending her 18th birthday in Montreal. People literally went nuts when they heard that Kylie was a commin', maybe more than we've ever seen.

Now, this is nothing against Kylie Jenner, or the fact that Montreal was "honoured" by playing host for her birthday. Rather, this was just a harsh reminder how much even Montrealers care about a celebrity who's really not much more than a reality TV show star.

Not our brightest moment, for sure.

The Prince Arthur Christmas Street Village

I was pretty damn hyped when word broke that Prince Arthur street off of St Laurent was going to get Christmas-ized this year, and turn into a winter-holiday village. So were you, apparently, as the article was one of our best (in terms of reach) in 2015, getting 23.8k social share and thousands upon thousands of views.

No doubt you got incredibly excited for the Xmas village, imagining how Prince Arthur will be magically transformed for the holiday season. So did I. But then it came for the Christmas street village to open, and the reality was a far cry from what we imagined.

Barely extending past St. Dominique, the Prince Arthur Christmas Village was barely a block in length, didn't have much to offer in terms of fun and food, and was altogether a major letdown.

Basically, we got super jazzed only to have our Christmas spirits dashed. Not a good moment.

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