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The Most Beautiful Coastal Road Trips In Quebec That You Have To Go On This Summer

Quebec is the biggest province in Canada, meaning theres lots of coast, roads and incredible sights. Taking a scenic road trip on the coast of the sea, full of breathtaking landcapes, rolling hills and fresh country air will seriously be a lifechanging experience. 

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Quebec has quite a few scenic drives that offer total escape from the organized chaos of the city. Giving you the ability to unwind and experience the intense beauty this province has to offer. Make a spontaneous trip of it and pick a route from this list, pack your bags and and hit the road. You'll thank me later.

The Gaspésie Tour 


The Gaspé Peninsula, known for it's breathtaking landscapes and cliffs, will take all the way to Quebec's most eastern tip. You'll follow the St. Lawrence River towards the best wine regions in the province. As the drive continues, you'll end up right on the Atlantic ocean. With tons of detours and shorter adventures available, you'll definitely want to check out the full itinerary HERE.


The Whale Route


This is the route you want to take if you're looking for the Maritimes experience without driving out of province. Driving along the St. Lawrence River as it widens into the sea, this is the route to take if you're looking for an absolutely memorable whale-watching experience. You can even book a boat excursion to increase your chances of an up close and personal experience with one of these gentle giants.



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Covering a series of islands on the St. Lawrence River, this is an amazing destination if you enjoy activities like kayaking, windsurfing and camping. Although not as easy to get to as you first have to drive to Gaspé and then either fly or take a boat to get to these islands, it's defintiely worth it for the amazing views and historical sites.

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The Border Route


This route follows the borders of Quebec, Maine and New Brunswick. This route includes everything from the coast to the deep woods. You can learn about the history of the borderlands and discover local attractions by checking out all the stops along the way.

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The New France Route


If you appreciate the historical qualities of Quebec, this is the road trip for you. One of the oldest thoroughfares of North America, the route was originally used to transport goods to downtown Quebec. While driving along the coast of the St. Lawrence River, you'll often see small villages that include historically old churches, farms, homes and museums available to the public.

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