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The Most Beautiful Places In Montreal You Can Take Your Lovely Girlfriend For Under $30

Gorgeous activities with your gorgeous girl.
The Most Beautiful Places In Montreal You Can Take Your Lovely Girlfriend For Under $30

Montreal sure is one beautiful city with beautiful people, so it isn't too hard to find beautiful places to take your stunning girlfriend to. Well, if you've been having some difficulties, then I suggest checking out this list I created just for you!

Down below you can find stunning locations to take a date to for under $30! Not only are these locations stunning. but they are fun and well priced! So I suggest texting your lovely girlfriend and planning a divine date with her this weekend t one of Montreal's most stunning locations!

1. Treat Her To The Beautiful Botanical Garden

A photo posted by Karolina Vaseva (@karolinavaseva) on

Price: $30

For a beautiful night our with your girlfriend, I suggest taking them to the lights festival at the Botanical garden. It is absolutely stunning and I honestly had an amazing time. It is very romantic and the walks through the garden are perfect for adventure and fun.


2. Treat Her To The Beautiful Murals In The Plateau

A photo posted by Anastasia Friedman (@anastfried) on

Price: FREE!

It is completely free for you and your Girlfriend to walk through the city of Montreal and admire its beautiful murals! This is a great date for that art loving couple who enjoys long walks and poutine pit-stops!

3. Treat Her To The Beautiful Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

A photo posted by ✨ Jules ✨✨ (@jhermster) on

Price: $30

1380 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1J5

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts contains beautiful art galleries with hundreds of paintings and archaeological artifacts such as mosaics, frescoes, statues, and much more!


4. Treat Her To The Beautiful Melvin Charney’s Sculpture Garden

A photo posted by Pierre D'Amours (@pierre_damours_photo) on

Price: FREE

1920, rue Baile, Montréal, QC H3H 2S6

Time to get your sculpting on with a picnic on a crisp fall day at Melvin Charney’s sculpture garden, which is an extension of the CCA. This garden contains multiple sculptures that you can enjoy observing over a nice picnic and a beautiful sunset!


5. Treat Her On A Beautiful Walk Up Mount Royal

A photo posted by Emmanuelle Barrette | MTL | ? (@manuebarrette) on

Price: FREE

Mount Royal is absolutely stunning and it is truly the perfect place to take your beautiful date! I suggest taking a nice stroll up the mountain and then just watching the sunset with a few snacks! This is a beautiful date idea for that equally as beautiful girlfriend of yours!

6. Treat Her To The Beautiful Floating Boat Cafe

A photo posted by Joan Maia (@joanmaia) on


The Canal near Atwater Avenue

Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant is literally a cafe on the water of the Lachine Canal. This is a great location to bike to with your girlfriend to enjoy some great snacks, views, and overall beautiful things! You and your date can truly enjoy the beautiful atmosphere right on the water!


7. Treat Her To A Beautiful Bike Ride To Atwater Market

A photo posted by @melissaso on

Price: FREE (ice cream=$15)

A bike ride is always free and it's super beautiful to bike along the Lachine Canal and straight into Atwater market! I suggest parking your bikes at the local ice cream shop to enjoy some delicious ice cream! The market is stunning in the fall with its orange and red flowers taking over every corner!

8. Treat Her To The Beautiful Blue Lavande Garden

A photo posted by Şima (@grisatre) on

Price: FREE

891, Narrow Road (Road 247), QC

You and your beautiful girlfriend can visit Blue Lavande in Quebec where you can appreciate the stunning lavender fields. It is absolutely stunning and it’s a great place to relax, take pictures, and enjoy beauty.


9. Treat Her To A Beautiful Picnic In Park Jean Drapeau

A photo posted by Roberto Lavoie (@leroboto) on

Price: FREE ( $30 depending on food)

Park Jean Drapeau is honestly a magical little island that holds secret waterfalls, gardens, and a waterfront view at every angle! It is honestly the perfect location for a stunning picnic with your beautiful girlfriend!

10.Treat Her To A Drink On A Beautiful Rooftop Garden

A photo posted by Pier (@pierann.drouin) on

Price: $30

900 Rue de la Gauchetière O

Enjoy the beautiful view from the Bonaventure Hotel garden rooftop in Montreal. You can either enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the restaurant in the sky while being seated in a beautiful garden surrounded by plants and water! It’s romantic and I promise that your date will love it!


11. Treat Her To A Beautiful Stargazing Night At Park La Fontaine

A photo posted by Emma (@emma_timmins) on

Price: FREE (Wine $15)

For a romantic wine night, I suggest heading to Park La Fontaine with your beautiful girlfriend to watch the beautiful stars across the sky! This is a sweet and simple date that is completely beautiful in every way possible.

12. Treat Her To The Beautiful Crew Collective Cafe

A photo posted by Esther Vinarov (@esoteric_esty) on

Price: $30

360 St-Jacques


13. Treat Her To The Beautiful St. Joseph's Oratory

A photo posted by Jiwon Janet Jang (@___jw_pacifico_) on

Price: $6

3800 Chemin Queen Mary

Saint Joseph's Oratory truly is a site to see! It is absolutely breathtaking and a perfect location to bring your beautiful girlfriend. Not only can you appreciate the inside, but also the outside of the Oratory! The whole atmosphere is stunning and perfect!


14. Treat Her To The Beautiful Notre Dame Basilica

A photo posted by 양지연 (@_yangjiyeon) on


110 Rue Notre-Dame O

The Notre Dame Basilica is another amazingly beautiful establishment that you should definitely treat your girlfriend to. The inside is stunning and the outside is massive! Afterwards, I suggest taking a lovely stroll through Old Montreal.


15. Treat Her To Gelato In Beautiful Little Italy

A photo posted by Madie (@justdropsofjupiter) on

Price: $15

Little Italy has to be one of the cutest areas in Montreal! It is truly beautiful to walk through the street and absorb all the culture it has to offer! I suggest taking a lovely stroll through the area and treating your beautiful girlfriend to some delightful gelato.

16. Treat Her To A Beautiful Lunch At Cafe Santropol

A photo posted by Jehanne-Marie Milne (@wellnessbyjehanne) on

Price: $22

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

If you enjoy garden terrasses and enjoy that hipster environment, then I suggest taking your date to the beautiful Cafe Santropol! The cafe is honestly stunning and it is a perfect place to take your beautiful girlfriend to!


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