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Most Beautiful Summer Vacation Destinations Close To Montreal

Montreal is surrounded by so many insanely beautiful lakes and forests, there is so much to explore and discover in our own backyard.

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Whether you're looking for an easy access tourist destination that will provide you with that quick nature escape you need, or you're looking to commit to a full-blown woodland nature adventure, Quebec has both and everything in between.

With St-Jean and Canada day weekends coming up, now is a perfect time to shop for your long weekend getaway destination. Here are a couple spots to get the search going.

9. Head up to the Laurentians for a fun weekend at Lac De L'Achingan

Distance from Montreal: 1.5 hours

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Why you should go: This lake is a popular destination for day trips to the lake for Montrealers due to it's close proximity to the city. You can, however, easily rent a cottage on the and around the lake and stay for a week-long vacation.

8. Trek north into the Quebec forests to uncover the stunning Blue Sea Lake

Distance from Montreal: 3.5 hours

Why you should go: This gorgeous lake is a little bit more of a trek. Located in the woodsy north-west region of Quebec, this Lake is named after it's beautiful blue hue and crystal clear waters. You can check out cabin rentals or camping in the area for an affordable nature vacation!

7. Head towards Western Quebec and visit the most beautiful clear waters at Pink Lake

Distance from Montreal: 2.5 hours

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Why you should go: This stunning lake is located right near Ottawa in Chelsea Quebec, an area known for its breathtaking nature and beautiful lakes. This is a great destination for short vacations that are not too deep in the Canadian wilderness, and cabins can be rented in the Chelsea area for very affordable prices!

6. Head North to chill on the sandy beaches at Lac Tareau

Distance from Montreal: 2.5 hours

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Why you should go: This awesome adventure lake is known for its long stretches of easy breezy sandy beaches, perfect for relaxing all day. The lake itself is located East of Mont Tremblant Park quite deep in nature, and is a great location for a day or long weekend trip with tons of cabin rentals in the area.

5. Head to the Eastern Townships most iconic spot lake Memphremagog

Distance from Montreal: 1.5 hours

Why you should go: This lake is huge and is surrounded by a charming little town, so it comes as no surprise that it's a big tourist destination for Quebec locals and Americans alike. This is a great spot to go if you like nature without the deep wilderness experience. And it's particularly great for people who want to go finishing or do any watersport activities.

4. Visit the parts of Quebec you never knew existed at Lac Pohénégamook

Distance from Montreal: 4 hours

Via pohenegamook

Via pohenegamook

Why you should go: This massive lake located in South East Quebec is known for its long stretches of sandy beaches and Canada's largest inflatable playground. It's located close to the U.S border and is also known for its camping and affordable local charming accommodations.

3. Visit one of Quebec's provincial parks and stay in an enchanting nature cabin

Distance from Montreal: Varies by park

Via sepaq

Via sepaq

Why you should go: For those of you who love nature but squirm at the idea of staying in a tent and sleeping on the ground you can stay overnight in these beautiful modern chalets via SEPAQ (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec) starting at only 141$ per night. The cabins are located at several parks across the province and are fully equipped to accommodate up to four people to cook, sleep, relax for a short-term or long-term stay.

2. Take a quick trip to unwind on the lively sandy beaches of Plage De Saint-Zotique

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour

Why you should go: This man-made beach only 1-hour West of the city is the perfect spot to go if you need a quick battery re-charge or you can find a rental in the area and stay for a couple days if you really need a boost. This is a busy family spot though, so if you're looking for a remote and secluded destination, this might not be the place.

1. Enjoy the peaceful sandy shores of the tranquil Plage Du Lac Simon

Distance from Montreal: 2 hours

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Why you should go: This quiet lake is located outside the Montebello Quebec region; an area known for its stunning nature and frequent wildlife sightings. This lake boasts a long sandy beach that is popular for relaxing and swimming in the summer. Cabins and camping in the area are easily accessible and totally affordable.

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