The Most Dangerous STM Buses In Montreal

Not every bus route is all that safe.
The Most Dangerous STM Buses In Montreal

On a day like today, with heavy blankets of snow continuing to drape themselves over the streets, it's hard to imagine any trip made in a car or bus would be particularly safe. It's simply too damn snowy outside.

But no matter the weather, certain roads and intersections are a tad bit more treacherous for drivers and pedestrians alike. And the same is true for folks on a bus in Montreal, as some routes on the STM bus network are statistically more dangerous than others.

So while you should never be afraid to get on a bus in Montreal, you might want to be a tad wary when getting on certain routes. During their investigation, Métro revealed the (arguably) most dangerous bus routes in the city, as these lines had the highest accident-rate and experienced a 91% increase of collisions from 2012-2014.

Click here for the most dangerous bus routes.

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