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The Most Expensive House In Canada Can Be Yours For $59,000,000 (Photos)

But do you want it?
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The Most Expensive House In Canada Can Be Yours For $59,000,000 (Photos)

Canada lacks the levels of extreme wealth that chracterizes the United States and most European countries.

Thankfully, that's due more to robust and progressive fiscal policy and relatively low levels of income inequality (though, that's changing) than to a mediocre economy.

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TL;DR Chelster Hall is on the market for $59,000,000. Check out the Sotheby's listing here.

Still, Canada does have its own vicarious demonstrations of extreme wealth.

The latest example has recently come to the public's attention... again.

The huge estate of former Interbrew CEO Hugo Powell has been on the market for over two years. But the listing has once again floated into Canadian media supposedly as a result of a new marketing push.

It seems no one can afford this home. Or perhaps no one wants it. Honestly, in its current state, it's a little bit tacky.

The giant property known as Chelster Hall sits on Lake Ontario and evokes the Gilded Age seaside mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. 

But in a faux-English baroque style, it's more like a very expansive McMansion.

Sure, Powell seems to have spared no expense or amenity, but it has some truly curious design features.

Take a look at these photos from the Sotheby's real estate listing:

Here's the foyer, complete with an overabundance of decorative columns and rope barriers so you know the stuff is expensive:

Via Sotheby's

The living room with inaccessible windows:

Via Sotheby's

The dining room with so, so much beige:

Via Sotheby's

The kitchen with two inexplicable TVs, back to back, attached to the second massive island:

Via Sotheby's

Hmmm I think the stairwell might need more windows:

Via Sotheby's

This is a guest room with horses with nightmarishly disproportionate features on the walls that will watch you sleep:

Via Sotheby's

Oh, look, more beige! The indoor pool space is complete with guardian statuettes:

Via Sotheby's

I need to know what this room was used for:

Via Sotheby's

All jokes aside, the mega-mansion does have some pretty cool amenities.

Like a home theatre:

Via Sotheby's

Bowling alley:

Via Sotheby's

and private tennis court:

Via Sotheby's

Chelster Hall is only $59,000,000!

You can check out the whole real estate listing here.

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