The Most Fascinating People Of Montreal

They're unique, unusual, different.
The Most Fascinating People Of Montreal

Montreal is home to about 1.65 million people (2011 stats), yet very few actually stand out from the crowd with their unusual looks or remarkable things they've accomplished.

I'd like to share a list of people who fascinate me and whose lives I want to know everything about. They're different, out-of-the-ordinary, interesting, unusual... They're everything that's right about our city. Because, ultimately, that's what Montreal is - the epitome of everything unique.

Sterling Downey

Not your average city councillor of Verdun district, Sterling Downey has been involved in urban arts, skateboarding, music and volunteer community.

Rick Genest a.k.a. Zombie Boy

Artist, actor, fashion model, he is known as the "Zombie Boy." The majority of his body is covered in tattoos.

Vin Los (now Elle Los)

Meet this Montreal male model who covered his face in tattoos in order to make a statement. He also transitioned into a female later in life... Find her post-transition photos here.

Photo cred - ashcanmontreal

Denis Gagnon

Denis Gagnon is one of the most famous Canadian fashion designers. Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts hosted a special exhibition of his spring summer collection in 2011.

Joanne Corno

Talented Montreal artist who gained worldwide recognition. Sexy, provocative, colourful... Joanne Corno's art is inspiring and fresh.

Mado Lamotte

Owner of the legendary drag cabaret Chez Mado in Montreal's Gay Village. She is a performer, author, personality and producer.

Lysandre Nadeau

Lysandre Nadeau is a popular French YouTuber from Montreal. She left her Canadian life behind and moved to the States to follow her passion for adventures.

Cary Tauben

Cary is a popular Montreal based fashion stylist. He has worked with numerous world renowned photographers, magazines and brands.

Photo cred - askmen

P.K. Subban

Professional ice hockey defence man from the Montreal Canadiens team who has stood out with his generous donations and community work.

Miss me

"Artful vandalism" professional, Miss Me is a mysterious artist who never shows her face. You can find her work in and around Montreal, but you can never find her.

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