The Most Fun Montreal Pub Might Actually Be In Rosemont And You Have To Check It Out

Good drinks, good food, and good times await.
The Most Fun Montreal Pub Might Actually Be In Rosemont And You Have To Check It Out

Alright, guys, true talk: Rosemont is awesome. It's one of the most fun boroughs in the whole city; it's got beautiful sights, awesome things to do, super cool spots... and one seriously amazing neighbourhood pub.

Le Saint-Édouard (808 Boulevard Rosemont, Montréal, QC H2S 1Z6) is a super vibrant, warm, and straight-up fun pub located in Rosemont.

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It just recently celebrated its four year anniversary. And honestly, if you've ever been here, it's no secret as to why this spot has been a favourite of Rosemont locals for as long as it has.

I'd like to think of it as a combination of good food, good drinks, awesome staff, and just straight-up amazing vibes.

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No matter what you want out of a fun night out, Le Saint-Édouard's got you covered.

They've got an incredibly welcoming, fun, and chill vibe, lots of seats, an awesome cocktail menu, local beers, and lots of yummy comfort food available.

Which pretty much makes it the perfect spot for an after work 5 à 7, or somewhere to chill with friends.

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Then again, if you're down to just let loose and party your night away, look no further.

Le Saint-Édouard also happens to have an amazing DJ, bottles and bottles of champagne, inexpensive shots and drink deals, and tons of space to get your dance on. 

The space itself was even redone recently, so even if you've been to St. Ed in the past... well, chances are you've never seen it like this!

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Honestly, it's kind of like a one-stop pub: a 5 à 7 AND party spot all rolled into one.

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Of course, Rosemont locals are all pretty much in on the secret, so you need to get yourself there super fast.

Saint-Édouard is open until 3 AM every night (it's closed on Sundays, though), but it's always a full house at this warm, busy, fun neighbourhood pub.

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Does it sound like you'll have the most fun ever here? You know it. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

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