The Most Fvcked Up Things Doctors Caught Patients Doing In The Hospital

You won't believe the sh!t they've seen.
The Most Fvcked Up Things Doctors Caught Patients Doing In The Hospital

Most of us have pretty predictable jobs. On a day to day basis we know what to expect when walk in to work and most of the time nothing happens. But some people's jobs are far less predictable and you never quite know what to expect. Recently, someone asked the doctors and nurses of Reddit from around the world to share some stories about the most disturbing things they've walked in on patients doing.

They did not disappoint.

1. The Addict

"A patient using their central line to inject heroin" - DumbCDA

2. The Pregnant Woman

"Patient is just sitting there cleaning the just born baby off with the sheets, looks at us like nothing is wrong. Didn't even ring her call bell." - mak224

3. The Senior Citizens

"You would be very surprised at how much old person fucking is going on. (...) God bless the horny geriatric bastards." - Landlubber77

4. The Scariest BJ

"Woman giving her husband a blowjob. Except that she was the patient in the burn unit" - cowboydoctor

5. The Heart Attack

One doctor had to ask a patient: "Ma'am, he's having a heart attack. (...) Please stop giving him a blow job." The man replied: "Ah, shit, dude, I'm probably gonna die, let me bust a nut before I go." - tieko123

6. The Easter Egg Hunt

"I was about to perform a colonoscopy and the patient was shoving M&Ms in his rectum, said he wanted to give me an Easter egg hunt." - zombieq

7. The Brave Parents

"Parents having sex on their hospital bed while their 15 yo child (the patient) is sleeping" - yngail

8. The Stripper

"No poles in the patient's room but that didn't stop them from getting a lap dance from a lady who was clearly not wearing the nurse's "outfit" because she worked there." - DarkLancelot

9. The Zombie Apocalypse

"I found a patient dead in her bed once, barely half an hour after I last saw her, being awake, well and confident she'd be discharged in a few days." - jaZoo

10. The Dementia Patient

"I had a patient with dementia who constantly carried around a bible. Apparently, I resembled her daughter and she would call me by her daughter's name. Every time I walked into her room she would scream at me for "fucking that boy" and hit me with her bible." - PineappleSuppository


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