The Most Hilarious Comparisons From The Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet

The annual New York Met Gala is a night of fun, fashion and art... but as with all things celebrity, the memes are soon to follow.

And thank god for that, because I had a riot putting this article together. Honestly, I could only compile memes for the rest of my life and be happy... does that job exist?

Well, this is close enough. Here are some of the most hilarious Comparison Memes from the 2019 Met Gala last night.

Our sweet, silly Serena Williams looking like a whole snack. And by snack I mean scrambled egg breakfast mess.

It could be worse. 

One of the heavy hitters of the night, Kim Kardashian, channelled Sophia Loren in the film Boy on a Dolphin and people were shocked with super-cinched waist and faux-water droplets on her dress and in her hair. 

It's also pretty open to comparisons, as evidenced above.

Her sisters weren't free from their own comparisons, either. But it's no question that these two were channelling some other dynamic duos... Marlon Wayans even noticed:

The evil stepsisters thing was definitely intentional, though it's not totally clear whether or not they knew if Zendaya was coming as Cinderella.  

Essentially, the honourary theme was Cinderella, because everyone seemed to have the beloved Disney princess on the mind. 

Katy Perry shone as a chandelier and Harry Styles brought sexy back with that scandalous and stunning man-pantsuit. 

The comparisons are endless!! I think we all had this pencil case at some point.

YouTuber James Charles also made an appearance, for some reason that I can't quite understand because if he's there where the hell is Jeffree Star?

Benedictine Cucumbersnoot also showed up bringing his very best Colonel Sanders and the Olsen Twins proved they aren't irrelevant by channelling their inner lemurs.

I actually think they could have gone a lot bigger with their outfits, but they've always been fans of minimalism paired with layers, so what can we really expect?

The newest Mrs Jonas brought her best Johnny Depp to the evening and honestly, I'm feeling it.

Cardi B is kind of copying Rihanna's own epic omelette train dress from 2015 in my opinion, but it's still pretty impressive. 

Like I said, the comparisons were endless.

And even those stars that weren't there still managed to have fun with the super-open "Camp" theme. 

Topher Grace always has my heart, and this tweet just sealed that for the next three years or so. 

What was your favourite Met Gala look this year? Who do you think rocked the theme the most?