The Most Hilarious Reactions To The New Season Of Black Mirror

Whether you love it or hate, you've definitely watched it
The Most Hilarious Reactions To The New Season Of Black Mirror

The newest season of Black Mirror, the popular series that Time magazine calls "a series of tech-dystopia nightmares," just dropped on Netflix. The fifth season, which only runs three episodes, is getting mixed reviews.

One of the great Black Mirror ironies, aside from the fact that it's a show that causes us to drop everything and stay glued to our screens, is the attention it gets on social media.

The show winds up with a second life thanks to Twitter reactions and Reddit memes. We've compiled some of the best reactions here for your viewing pleasure (no spoilers).

Of course, now we are all paranoid about our phones again:

Many are just excited to have some new episodes out. The show's fans have waited almost two years for the newest series.

Others are understandably upset by the fact that the newest season is only three episodes long. We can partially blame this on Bandersnatch, the interractive movie which spent eight months in production, for shortening the length of the newest series.

The first season definitely takes a turn early on. It has the shock value that people have come to expect from the Black Mirror series, for better or for worse.

And, yes, you know for a fact that a ton of people showed up to work sleep deprived today because they binged the show last night. Two words: worth. it.

A lot of people are unhappy with the most recent season, however:

The last episode of the season features Miley Cyrus as a depressed pop star, and it's been highly-awaited by fans of the former child star.

The mixed reactions are interesting. Some, like the person above, hated it, while others thought it was the best episode of the season.

To sum up this whole article:

With the Handmaid's Tale and Money Heist around the corner, this summer is bound to be a good one when it comes to binge-watching shows.

Who needs good weather when there's great stuff on TV, right?

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