The Most Hilarious Reactions To Robert Pattinson Being Cast As The New Batman

If you've been on Twitter today, you've likely heard the news that Robert Pattinson has been cast as Batman in the scheduled next film in the Batman universe, slated to be directed by Matt Reeves. 

Which should also explain why people on Twitter can't shut up about him and his famed foray into vampiredom and how that plays into his new foray into... batdom.

The actor got his big break playing the unnaturally handsome vampire Edward in the Twilight Saga film series, and a lot of people don't know him from anything else, so there's no real surprise that the reactions to the casting news have been absolutely hilarious.

Nerds everywhere who are too cool for everything were quick to scrutinize the casting decision, which comes as no real big surprise. Twilight definitely was a contentious film series, as were the books, and people are generally pretty divided about the whole thing. You're either in the middle of writing a Twilight fanfiction about it right now or you hate it with every fibre of your being.

Though Pattinson has been in countless other films, his name, along with castmate and ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, is essentially synonymous with the teen romance fantasy series.

While we remember him from Twilight, let's remember that we've all had jobs we're not proud of and that just makes him more like us.

I actually don't think anyone hates Twilight more than its stars, R.Patts and K.Stew... considering they're the ones that had to actually live through it, say the words in the script and be forever known as their characters. 

If they thought Twilight was going to age like Harry Potter, they thought wrong. 

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But as I mentioned above, there are countless other films that Pattinson has acted and starred in that makes him more than capable of executing the role. He should not be judged on the writing of Stephanie Meyer alone... it just isn't fair. 

And while Batman fans can name countless other actors who could have or should have played the role, I'm certain Matt Reeves knows exactly what he's doing.

Plus, every Joker needs a Batman, so while we've got Pattinson to be the Batman for Leto's Joker, we're still down one Bruce Wayne to play alongside Joaquin Phoenix's joker, so all hope is not lost for you Batman hopefuls.