The Most Insane Croissants You Have To Eat In Montreal Before You Die

Flaky, buttery goodness awaits you.
The Most Insane Croissants You Have To Eat In Montreal Before You Die

There are some amazing cuisines in Montreal, we all know this. Around almost every corner in this city you're bound to run into an amazing dinner restaurant, a cute cafe terrasse, or a classic French bakery. That's just one of the great things about this city, it has so much to offer us!

The best thing is that if you walk into any of those French bakeries you're bound to have some of the best croissants you've ever had in your lifetime. But if you want to do your research, then I'm here to help. Below is a list of some of the most amazing croissants this city has to offer, and I'm sure you'll understand why!

1. Fous Desserts

Dolla croissants sold out

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809 Avenue Laurier E

This amazing pastry and dessert shop is located right here in Montreal and should definitely be your next stop for croissants. They feature their amazing almond croissants, chocolate croissants, and plain croissant which are all melt in your mouth delicious! This award winning spot is also home to some amazing chocolate desserts like their chocolate eclairs!

2. Duc de Lorraine

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5002 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

This amazing pastry shop has features the best view of the St Joseph's Oratory, and has some seriously awesome croissants. They are known for their unreal almond croissant with the perfect amount of chewy and sweet filling, your mouth just won't be able to get enough!

3. Maison Christian Faure

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355 Place Royale

This spot is most definitely my favourite on the list. The croissants here are out of this world amazing! My favourite ones here are their chocolate almond croissants, yes that's right, chocolate and almond together in one croissant. It's so good you'll definitely be coming back for more. This shop also has some amazing brunch meals, macarons, and other amazing desserts to choose from!

4. Au Kouign-Amann

deux croissants

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322 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

This is definitely a Montrealer's favourite choice for croissants and classic French lunch items. This little bakery is constantly busy because it's just so popular. They have some amazing croque monsieurs and quiche for you to enjoy a nice lunch. Their croissants are flaky and butter and baked to golden-brown perfection!

5. Mamie Clafoutis

Pistachio croissants/foxy coffee ? #montreal

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3660 Rue Saint-Denis

This adorable little French bakery has 5 locations around Montreal, clearly proving it's one of the best. They have some amazing flavours of croissants like their pistachio croissant or their ham and cheese croissant! Whichever one you choose prepare to be amazed. You'll be rushing back to one of these shops very soon, I guarantee.

6. Boulangerie Guillaume

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5134 Boul St-Laurent

This Montreal bakery is highly adored by the customers who regular it, and for good reason. They have some very unique items on the menu, such as their white chocolate and vanilla champignon bread or their cheese and fig bread. Some other popular items include their croissants of course! They sell mini chocolate croissants and almond croissants, baked with not only the almond paste inside but also full slices of almonds as well! Choose a selection of your favourites from their fully stocked shelves in the mornings and you're set for the day!

7. Le Pains Dans Les Voiles

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357 Rue de Castelnau E

Definitely a winner on this list, this little Montreal bakery has it going on. Their croissants are seriously awesome! You have to try their maple croissant, plain croissant with apple and cheddar or their almond croissants. They have so many other amazing pastries to test out, you should definitely make a few trips to this spot!

8. Hof Kelsten

This is the best croissant in #Montreal, hands down. I spend all week looking forward to Saturday mornings with @alexeimartov and exactly this! #croissantsofinstagram

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4524 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Hof Kelsten is a traditional Jewish bakery taking a twist on classic family recipes. Some of their amazing recipes include the classic Mazto Ball soup and their awesome challah bread! Definitely two of my favourites. They also do their own take on French baked goods and do a pretty darn good job as well. Their croissants are out of this world amazing, so flaky and delicious!

9. La Grange Du Boulanger

Mon déjeuner est meilleur que le tien. #croissantframboise #lagrangeduboulanger

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3227 Rue Ontario E

La Grange du Boulanger definitely has one of the most unique croissants featured on this list. They feature a croissant infused and coated with raspberry! The raspberry adds a tangy, sweet flavour to your already savoury, buttery croissant that you can't help but love. This spot also has some awesome almond croissants if raspberry just isn't your thing.

10. Bar à Beurre

#croissant day four- appears to be fresh homemade almond paste inside. Gah! #delicious #pastry

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350 Rue Notre-Dame E

This adorable little bakery is home to some amazing sweets and desserts. If you're looking for an amazing spot to bring your best friends for a high tea date, this is the spot. You can get some delicious teas, finger sandwiches, classic macarons and of course croissants! Their almond croissant is the best and I guarantee you'll enjoy your high tea experience as well as the croissants.

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