The Most Overcrowded STM Bus Lines In Montreal

Avoid these at all costs.
The Most Overcrowded STM Bus Lines In Montreal

There's a supply and demand problem in Montreal, and it's seriously affecting the lives of citizens. Simply put: there aren't enough buses to meet the public transit needs of Montrealers.

All too often are people left on the street as their bus whizzes by, not even taking the time to stop, with drivers knowing they simply can't fit another passenger. It happens every single day (as some of you are probably painfully aware) and the bus-to-rider shortage has become a pretty serious problem.

Back in October, I made the rather bold claim that "the STM is going to make winter suck," using the fact that there aren't enough buses on the road to accommodate public transit users to back up my argument.

While I do relish in being right, the problem hasn't really been addressed, as Montrealers are still left in the cold waiting on buses that may never even show up. And if the bus does arrive, it's packed to the brim, forcing passengers to cram themselves into an already overcrowded bus.

The issue isn't all that new, but has been growing steadily worse. According to Radio-Canada, the number of kilometers traveled by STM buses in Montreal has dropped from 90.1 million to 85.3 million between 2012 to 2014.But the number of riders has steadily increased. In 2012, 412.6 million rides on STM buses were accounted for, a figure that jumped to 417.2 million by 2014.

The fact that almost a quarter of the STM's available buses are under repair at any given time adds to the problem.

As does the lack of coordination between bus drivers and the STM administration. One bus driver told Radio-Canada that sometimes drivers simply don't show up for their route, ensuring that the next bus is crowded with even more passengers.

Some bus routes are worse than others, however, as illustrated in Radio-Canada's detailed map of the most overcrowded bus routes. You can check out the map here (along with lots of other details on the topic) and find the worst bus routes (in descending order) below:

Line 51 Édouard-Montpetit

Line 18 Beaubien

Line 141 Jean-Talon

Line 67 Saint-Michel

Line 90 Saint-Jacques

Line 121 Sauvé/Côte-Vertu

Line 168 Cité-du-Havre

Line 113 Lapierre

Line 189 Notre-Dame

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