A List Of The Stupidest Baby Names In Quebec

Is your name on the list?
A List Of The Stupidest Baby Names In Quebec

The list of the most popular baby names of 2015 is out, which means it's time to find out just how unoriginal your name really is.

Interestingly enough, the top names seem to be mostly old English names. Not that you can't say those names in French too, they just sound better in English, in my opinion.

There also seem to be a lot of Superhero names in the top 25: Raphael (Ninja Turtles), Liam (Yes, Liam Neeson is a superhero), Logan (Wolverine) and even Xavier (Professor X). And I guess Star Wars fans were inspired this year, so Lea was the 2nd most popular baby name.

Everyone else is talking about the most popular names, so I figure we should get those out of the way:


  1. Emma - 615
  2. Lea - 535
  3. Olivia - 475
  4. Alice - 471
  5. Florence - 460


  1. Thomas - 754
  2. William - 754
  3. Jacob - 663
  4. Liam - 661
  5. Felix - 638

But what's even better than the most popular names are the least popular names. Basically it's all the names that start with the letter Z. A few lucky boys were named Zyke, Zoltan and Zohan (You don't mess with The Zohan) and one girl was actually called Zuzanna.

Also, since 2010 there have been not 1, not 2, but 10 Keanus.


And before you ask, yes there were 3 boys named Shia.

Since Game of Thrones is coming back, we also decided to see how many people were named after the more popular characters. 4 girls were named Khaleesi this year but so far no one was crazy enough to name their kid Jon Snow.

If you want to see how popular your name is, you can check out the full list here.

You can also input you name here to see some statics about the popularity of your name in the last 5 years.

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