The Most Popular Baby Names In Quebec Were Just Revealed And These Are The Worst Ones

It looks like we'll be seeing a lot of Flavies and Maxences in the future.
The Most Popular Baby Names In Quebec Were Just Revealed And These Are The Worst Ones

Retraite Québec has just released the list of the most popular baby names in Quebec for 2018, and it seems the latest generation of children will be sporting some pretty unusual monikers. 

For the most part, the most popular names are pretty normal, with Emma taking first place for girls and William for boys. This is the fourth consecutive year that the names have come out on top for Quebec-born babies.

A new favourite on the list of girls' names is Charlie, in fifth place. For boys, an up-and-coming name we'll be seeing more often is Edouard, now in ninth place.

After that, the names seem to become more and more... unique.

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TL;DR Retraite Québec has released the list of most popular baby names in the province for 2018. Read below for the top 10 list as well as some honourable mentions.

Although not the most popular on the list, the name Eloi makes an appearance on the boy's list at number 47. Maxence, another unusual name, comes in at number 83.

Other unusual names for Quebec boys in 2018 include Enzo, Milan, Lyam, Maverick, and Ludovic. 

Yes, Ludovic — at number 60.

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As for the girls, notable names include Flavie, at number 25, and Oceane at 45.

It's worth noting, however, that while these names may sound silly to the English-speaking ear, some of them are actually rather common in Quebec.

In case you were curious what the top 10 names in each category are, look no further:

Top 10 girl's names of 2018

1. Emma
2. Alice
3. Olivia
4. Léa
5. Charlie
6. Florence
7. Charlotte
8. Livia
9. Zoé
10. Béatrice

Top 10 boy's names of 2018

1. William
2. Logan
3. Liam
4. Thomas
5. Noah
6. Jacob
7. Léo
8. Félix
9. Édouard
10. Nathan

Are you surprised by the names on this list?

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