The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever Spotted In Montreal

Montreal Needs Smaller Tow Trucks For Two-Wheelers!
The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever Spotted In Montreal

Yep, Montreal is weird.  Our police officers dress up as homeless people, our residents refuse to wear proper clothes in winter and our mayor rides around the city on a BIXI.  However this story proves that we are not only weird, but ridiculous too.

This picture was posted on Facebook yesterday, and it has quickly made it on the list of "things I can't even". An itty bitty moped getting towed. C'mon Montreal. I know you're proud. I know you're ironic. But this is taking things a little bit too far, y'know? Tow trucks aren't cheap. I just want to know how much space this tiny little scooter was taking up? Was it really necessary to call in a truck?

Better yet, who called in the truck? If you were so offended by the scooter, you could've probably just picked it up and moved it out of the way. I love you Montreal, but y'all have got to sort out your priorities.

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