The Most Romantic Places To Get Engaged In Montreal

Helping you find the perfect place to pop the question!
The Most Romantic Places To Get Engaged In Montreal

Let's face it, Montreal is absolutely gorgeous. With all the parks, rivers, terrasses and gardens, it's hard to choose which space in Montreal takes the cake. While 99.9% of us just get to enjoy the beauty of this amazing city, there is one instance where this can become a problem: your wedding proposal. Of course you want to choose the perfect place to pop the question, but it's hard to land on just one. So, because we love you, and want your proposal to feel Disney worthy, we've given you the best places to get engaged!

With pictures provided to us by the talented Matthew Earnest Allarie, you can take a scenic visual tour of these spots below! 

1. Kondiaronk Belvedere

The Kondiaronk Belvedere or the (Mont Royal viewing deck) is a popular romantic spot in the city. And for good reason. The twinkling lights of downtown Montreal, the vast expanse of the evening sky - it's the kind of stuff you see in a rom com. So of course this is a prime location to pop the question. Especially if you can find a night where the viewing deck is relatively empty, so the two of you can experience that magical moment without distractions.

2. Westmount Conservatory and Greenhouse

If you want a bright, lush location as the backdrop for your proposal, the Westmount Conservatory is the place for you. It's secluded and temperate, guaranteeing you won't have any interruptions from the weather. And there's just something about greenhouses that are inherently fantastical, making this the perfect place to help your future fiancé feel special.

3. Cite du Havre

When I think of romance, I always picture water. Don't ask me why, it's just a thing. However weird this may be, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this affinity for crashing waves. So if you want to incorporate a body of water into your proposal, Cite du Havre has got your back. You get a great view of the city, blue water laying before you, and plenty of space to drop on one knee.

4. Mount Royal Trail

If you like the idea of the Mountain but want to steer clear of the viewing deck, I'd say your best option would be to stick to the trail. It's perfect if your fiancé is a nature buff, and it makes for a sneaky way to pop the question. You can be all like "Hey baby, why don't we go for a nice evening hike up the Mountain." Little will they know that this 'hike' will turn into the most BEAUTIFUL MOMENT OF THEIR LIFE. *Maniacal laughter*.

5. Olympic Stadium

Sometimes the only thing you want out of your proposal locale is a lot of open space. Somewhere you and your fiancé can feel like the only two people on Earth. And what building has more space than the Olympic Stadium?

Of course we can't forget the Old Port in here. Whether you decide to pop the question at the docks, or kneel on the cobblestones right in the middle of Jaques Cartier square, the Old Port never fails to please. I'm pretty sure this place was made for lovebirds to frolic and profess their love to each other.

7. Anywhere You Want

We could go on all day giving you advice on where to propose, but no one knows your fiancé better than you. Trust your gut. The best place to propose is always going to be the one where meaning is attached. It doesn't matter if it's the library, the Science Centre, or a hookah bar. If the place has some sort of significance to your relationship, it will be amazing no matter what.

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