The Most Unique Street Art In Montreal You Definitely Want To Go See

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The Most Unique Street Art In Montreal You Definitely Want To Go See

Montreal is known as an artist's paradise. With murals and graffiti in every corner of the city, it's not difficult to see why Montreal is considered such a unique urban centre that stands out from other major cities in Canada. 

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Montreal's annual mural festival has made the city a global go-to destination for contemporary urban art. Artists from around the world come to this eleven day event to create mesmerizing artwork for the public to experience. The murals and street art is here to stay, so there is no limit to how many times you can visit the spots to admire and appreciate the artist's creations.

Like with all things, some street art is better than others, leaving you amazed and in awe of the beauty and detail. So do yourself a favour and check out these amazing murals around the city this weekend, you definitely won't be sorry you did.

Via MTLBlog

House of Meggs

Location: Between Boul St. Laurent and Rue Saint Dominique

Via @halopigg

Miss Me & Aydin Matlabi

Location: 4328 Boul St. Laurent

"Mirror Effect"

Location: In the heart of Plateau-Mont Royal

@xim_sauriolembedded via

Bison and a Bear

Location: Boul St. Laurent

Via MTLBlog

Buff Monster

Location: Boul St. Laurent and Rue Saint-Dominique


Location: Between Rue Napoleon and Rue Roy

Jonathan Bergeron

Location: 3590 Boul St. Laurent


Location: 3620 Rue Saint-Dominique

Via MTLBlog


Location: 3523 Boul Saint-Laurent

Cité Memoire

Location: Various locations in Old Montreal via

Graffiti Granny

Location: Boul Saint-Laurent


Felipe Pantone

Location: Corner of Saint-Laurent and Prince-Arthur

Check out Montreal's annual mural festival dates and past artwork HERE.

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