The Most Useless University Degrees In Montreal

Let's hope yours isn't on the list.
The Most Useless University Degrees In Montreal

The holidays are coming up which means we will all soon be submitting to hours of small talk with relatives about the exact same things you discussed last year: "When are you getting married?", "Where are you working", and "What are you studying". Of course with that last one, you also get the followup: "What are you planning on doing with that degree?"

Now I studied History at Concordia, so I never had a good answer to this question since the only thing you can do with a history diploma is be a teacher or work in archives. (Exciting right?) But there had to be some more useless university degrees out there's, some that offer even fewer job opportunities and it turns out there are.

So here they are, the most useless university degrees you can get:

Religion Studies

McGill's religious studies program is described as: "vocational training for those entering various church related careers." So unless you're planning on becoming a TV evangelist in the USA, you probably won't be living a life of luxury. Of course you may find this career path to be noble, but this isn't a list about the best or least noble careers, it's about the almighty dollar.

Culinary Arts

There are so many cooking shows on TV, even I briefly considered a career as a Chef. It seems so easy, cook food, smoke cigarettes and get a lot of tattoos. But not everyone is cut out to be a world renowned chef, most will probably end up as line cooks. Most chef's dream is to open their own restaurants so maybe they should be studying business instead of cooking.


Here, you may have the potential to make a lot of money, but you have to be very, very lucky. Most musicians make under $30,000 and that's if they manage to get steady work. Your only option is to become a music teacher, they make almost twice that amount. Think about it, your teacher is making more money than you ever will.

Art History

If you thought are and history were useless degrees, then you haven't met our good friend Mr. Art History. Art least with an arts degree, you have the potential to become an artist and maybe sell some of your work one day. But with art history you just become an expert at judging other people's work. Your only hope is to magically get hired by an eccentric millionaire to be his personal art consultant like Lily in How I met Your Mother.


Sure you probably learned a lot in that photography class, like when to use and when NOT to use a sepia filter (it's always, right?). But talent is something they just can't teach you in university. So you may get a lot of pointers but it's nothing you couldn't have learned by yourself with a few books and some YouTube videos. Oh and if you're worried about competition, you should be. EVERYONE is a "pro" photographer these days, your dad, your uncle, your best friend, even your dog has his own Instagram account.

Animal Science

Apparently this has nothing to do with being a veterinarian, so I looked it up on McGill's website and even they have no idea what you can do with this degree. Sure they make it sound promising, but maybe they could have given 1 actual example: "The Department offers outstanding opportunities (...) resulting in degrees that leave our students in an excellent position to choose their own future." It's like their saying, we gave you the degree, now you figure it out.


How many farmers have there been in the history of the world? How many of those farmers went to university? I may not know the answer to either of those questions but nevertheless it makes a strong argument for not going to university to learn how to tend a garden. The program is described as "an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the production, management and marketing of horticultural crops." So again, you're probably better off studying business, management and marketing.

Exercise Science

If you thought physical therapists make a lot of money, you're right. But you'll need a whole other degree before you can do that. A degree in exercise science will lead to a wonderful career of exercise prescription. Most of the other jobs are management positions which you are again more likely to succeed and make money at it if you study management.

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