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The New American Tim Hortons Donuts Are So Much Cooler Than Canada’s And It’s Not Fair

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The New American Tim Hortons Donuts Are So Much Cooler Than Canada’s And It’s Not Fair

Today, we announced that Canada's favourite coffee shop, Tim Hortons, is releasing six all-new specialty donuts for spring and St. Patrick's Day. American Tim Hortons also announced their line of specialty St. Paddy's Day donuts.

Quite frankly, we're astounded that Canada's donuts are so lame compared to those in the United States. 

Canadian Tim Hortons gets a bad rep for not releasing the most interesting looking menu items in their home country. For instance, China's Tim Horton's gets matcha lattes and the U.S. has mac and cheese on the menu while we're stuck with the same old soup and sandwich combos. And don't even get me started on those potato wedges...

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TL;DR  The U.S. is getting way better Tim Hortons donuts for St. Patrick's Day. 

Here's a look at the Canadian donut:

Via Newswire / Tim Hortons

Simple, cute, utilitarian. Basically a regular glazed donut with some white sugar and green sprinkles. If it wasn't for the clovers surrounding it, there's nothing to say that this is a St. Patrick's Day donut.

And here's the American donut:

Get luck on your side starting today. The new Clover Donut is available at Tim Hortons for a limited time!

March 6, 2019

Now THAT'S what a St. Patrick's Day donut is supposed to look like! Not only that, these donuts come in a pack of four! They literally turn into a four-leaf clover. 

The only way these donuts would be more St. Patrick's Day is if they were filled with green beer. 

By the way, Tim's, @ me if you want to steal that idea.

Canadians, shouldn't we demand more of our country's largest coffee company? These are not the donuts Canadians deserve!

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