The New Mediterranean Restaurant In Montreal's NDG You Have To Try If You Love Falafels

Crispy, flavourful, delicious morsels of happiness.
The New Mediterranean Restaurant In Montreal's NDG You Have To Try If You Love Falafels

Not too many people know this about me, but I actually adore falafels.

When they're done right, they're quite literally the most delicious morsels of happiness you can possibly consume, on their own, in a pita, smothered in tahini - however you want.

Naturally, I've had a good amount of falafels in my life. I've had some that were amazing, and some that were a little subpar.

But none of the falafels I've ever had could come close to the ones I tried at one Montreal-West restaurant.

Pochiche (54 Avenue Westminster N) is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Montreal's NDG. 

Honestly, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that their entire menu is above and beyond delicious... mainly because all of the ingredients are super, super fresh, and legit high quality. 

They specialize in Mediterranean-inspired dishes, like shiitake mushroom kebabs (which are the literal definition of amazing),  grilled vegetables, (huge!) sandwiches, and salads. Although everything is fantastic, the real star of the show? Their falafels.

Pochiche uses a unique recipe to achieve a traditional-yet-different falafel flavour.

Grilled in a pita with fresh vegetables and hummus, or on their own in a platter, their falafel is crispy, fluffy, and flavourful; a super delicious standout in a menu full of fantastic things.

Best part? This spot is located about five minutes away from Concordia's Loyola campus, so if you're looking for your new favourite lunch spot - stop looking. You've just found it.

Sounds like your next favourite spot? You know it does. Check out Pochiche's website and Facebook page for more information.

On December 30, 2021, François Legault announced a handful of restrictions across Quebec, which included the closure of indoor dining and places of worship, and the postponement of a return to in-person learning at schools in the new year. In a January 13 Facebook post, Legault confirmed elementary and high school students would be returning to class as of Monday, January 17. But what about university students?

Montreal CEGEPs and universities also reverted to remote learning, however, things are looking a little different for students returning to in-person classes at post-secondary institutions. Premier Legault stated in a January 12 post that while universities could reopen their doors as of the 17th, they are being given extra leeway to determine the exact date in which in-person classes could resume.

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