The New Mega Mall Montreal Doesn’t Need

It is going to be large and in charge.
The New Mega Mall Montreal Doesn’t Need

Photo cred - Axel Drainville

Developmer Carbonleo, progenitor of Brossard’s Dix30 mall, is currently planning a new mall in the Town of Mont Royal. According to the Gazette, the three-million-square-foot complex (named Quinze40), would be built just southwest of Décarie Boulevard. It’d undoubtedly bring an increase in revenue to the area, perhaps even one big enough to financially justify its $1.6 billion cost.

The mall would certainly have other positive effects on the city. There’s a proposed Cavendish extension to the plan which would make the centre accessible from Côte St-Luc, Côte-des-Neiges-N.D.G., and elsewhere, meaning that Montrealers from around the city would be able to enjoy it with ease. The complex would also create jobs, taxes, and entertainment for TMR, making it a development from which citizens would undoubtedly reap the benefits.

Despite this, Montrealers shouldn’t ignore what it’ll take away from the city, aspects of which have been raised by Plateau Mayor Luc Ferrandez. As he points out, the mall would put many of the city’s downtown entertainment venues in worse financial shape than they already are. Furthermore, such establishments eliminate the need for further venues around the city, meaning that the money going towards the mall could be better used elsewhere. On top of the $1.6 billion cost, $40 million of public money is currently set to go towards the Cavendish extension. There are certainly more than a few areas of the city where the funds could be used better.

Additionally, although the mall would be profitable for larger corporations, it’d hurt the chances of small businesses in the area. They’d struggle to compete with the new businesses, meaning that the Quinze40 revenue would come to dominate the area.

The mall would be wasteful, detrimental to many business owners, and overall a negative for the city. Ferrandez has been outspoken about his views, and, if Coderre and others want to do what’s best for the city, they’ll heed what he says.