The New Tesla Is Only $35,000 And This Is Why I Fvcking Need It

A real game changer.
The New Tesla Is Only $35,000 And This Is Why I Fvcking Need It

I'm not a car person, but I know a good deal when I see one. So far, Tesla has had a "dream car" reputation that an average human being like myself could not afford. I'd see them in and around Montreal, admire their slick design and move on with my life... until a few months ago, when I heard that Tesla is coming out with a brand new sedan that's going to sell for $35,000 (base model). Wait, what?

Affordable luxury is such a smart concept. It's almost like when Balmain did a collaboration with H&M. Almost. It gives average people a lifestyle they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. In other words, I can have a sick car that's slightly more expensive than a Honda Accord for example, but is SO MUCH cooler than any other option in its price category. I have never been this excited about a car on the market.

The new Model III production is rumoured to begin in 2017. It's lighter than their current Model S and much cheaper as well ($60,000+ vs. $35,000). This electric vehicle will charge in only 25 minutes (which is insane, my iPhone takes longer to charge!) and go 200 miles per charge. Tesla's commitment to providing a quality, affordable car is so real. Not to mention the obvious - electric vehicles help fight atmosphere pollution.

It's said to look a lot like Tesla's Model S, which is absolutely gorgeous. The official reveal is scheduled for March 2016 (preorders will also begin at this time), but it will not provide full details about the car until a lot closer to the production time. Its main rivals? BMW 3 series, Mercedes C-ClassAudi A4 and Jaguar XE.

Model III will come with free use of Tesla's Supercharger network.

"In the U.S., there are superchargers in Albany, about mid-way between Montreal and New York City. There is also an array of other charging stations for electric vehicles in Quebec, Ontario and the U.S.

In the coming weeks and months, Tesla will roll out superchargers along the following routes:

•   Montreal to Toronto

•   Montreal to Quebec City

•   Toronto to North Bay

•   Toronto to the U.S. via Detroit" (Source)

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