SAQ Employees Are Going On Strike In Quebec Next Week

It's really happening... again.
SAQ Employees Are Going On Strike In Quebec Next Week

SAQ employees going on strike is not something new to Quebec. Just last month employees had gone on strike to protest the heavy issues between the provincial government and the workers' union. Although all of the sixty-six locations across the province threatened us with a strike of up to a month, the plan ended up falling through.

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So, you're probably thinking we're now safe from ever having to worry about another strike happening again anytime soon, right? Well, you might want to start getting prepared for the strike that is about to happen next week.

It's official, the Société des alcools du Québec will be going back on strike this Wednesday, August 22, the day before Quebec's election campaign kicks off.

Not only that, but SAQ employees have coordinated their strike date with the employess of Loto-Québec and STM to provide them with a much larger force against the government. So, basically Montreal is shutting down for the day while all of the union workers are away on strike.

Negotiations between the SAQ workers and the government have been ongoing for over sixteen months. With really no conclusion reached, over 91% of the union members voted for a six-day strike that'll be spread out through the course of the year.

The upcoming strike will be the second of the year, meaning there's at least four more days left to anticipate a complete walk-out across the province.

Not only do you have to now worry about stocking up on your alcohol before the strike begins, but last time SAQ employees came back to work they took to pranking some very unlucky customers. Some pranks included turning all of the wine and liquor bottles in the store backwards, forcing customers to have to turn around every single bottle in order to read it's label. 

Let's hope that the SAQ employees don't take to these shenanigans again after their strike, because who knows if we'll be able to handle whatever prank they have in mind next.


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