The Northern Lights Will Be Visible Over Parts Of Canada This Weekend

We'd better hope for clear skies this weekend because with a little bit of luck, The Northern Lights will be visible in many parts of Canada and the United States. 

According to the Space Weather Prediction Centre, a solar storm is expected to reach Earth at around 8:00 am (EDT). They say this storm is so strong that it can cause auroras, power grid disruptions, GPS disruptions and even radio signal disruptions. 

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TL;DR The Northern Lights will be visible in many parts of Canada and the USA on Saturday 8:00 am (EDT)

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Normally the Northern Lights are visible, well, in the North. But this time the aurora will visible in many parts of Southern Canada and the Northern United States. 

Here is a map that shows exactly where the aurora will be visible from. According to the Space Weather Prediction Center, the Aurora will most likely reach the area between the Green and Yellow lines. 

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The Northern Lights will be visible above the clouds so you'd better keep a close eye on the weather forecast if you plan on going to see them.

And if you want a better chance to see them, you should move as far away as possible from the light pollution of the city. 

For more details check the SWPC website.