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Legault Says That The Number Of New COVID-19 Cases In Quebec 'Seems To Be Stabilizing'

As of March 29, Quebec has a total of 2,840 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the province.
Legault Says That The Number Of New COVID-19 Cases In Quebec 'Seems To Be Stabilizing'

During his announcements in the Government of Quebec's press conference on March 29, Legault thanked all Quebecers who continue to follow the health guidelines that have been asked of them. The current number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec has reached a total of 2,840, with the number of deaths due to the virus remaining at 22. Legault mentioned that the number of cases has begun to stabilize.

"Our efforts are paying off, so don't give up," Legault said.

Montreal and Estrie remain the two "hotspots" for the virus, with 1,361 confirmed coronavirus cases in Montreal. The City of Montreal declared a state of emergency on March 27.

The Government of Quebec within the province, unless it's absolutely essential.

In his Facebook post that links to the daily press conference video, Legault added that "we are asking everyone to contribute to the effort by avoiding moving from one neighbourhood, city or region to another."

"If you're at your chalet, you stay at your chalet," Legault stated.

Legault announced that Quebec is one of the places in the world that has tested the most for COVID-19 thus far, which he goes on to thanks all healthcare workers for.

Below is Santé Québec's official update of the coronavirus situation in the province as of March 29.

As you can see, there have been almost 50,000 individuals who have tested negative for the coronavirus.

Dr. Arruda reassured us in the press conference that "The situation is serious but under control."

You are able to watch a live video of the press conference in the link below.

When asked by a journalist why Quebec has been so heavily touched by the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier reminds us that the province's Spring Break was earlier than most other Canadian provinces.

Such a break led many Quebecers to travel abroad, which is a major reason for how the spread of the coronavirus made its way into Quebec.

When Legault stated that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec has begun to stabilize, he stated that between March 28 and 29, there had been an augmentation of 14% in cases. This percentage, he said, is much lower than it had been during the previous days.

"It is our goal for the next few weeks to stay positive," Legault shared.

So, he asked that we all do our part in both continuing to follow proper health guidelines that have been released by the Government of Quebec and to keep an optimistic outlook on the situation.

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