The Wall Street Journal has reported that NBC Universal does not plan to renew the licenses that allow Netflix to stream fan-favourites "FRIENDS" and "The Office" so that the network can feature them on its own forthcoming streaming platform.

Naturally, Netflix subscribers are upset.

The two shows are some of the most watched on Netflix. Last year, the streaming giant committed to a deal in which it will pay $100 million to keep "FRIENDS" for another year — all to appease fans of the show.

Though Netflix says it will stream "The Office" through 2021, subscribers have taken to Twitter to express their dismay — and fury — at the prospect of it leaving. Some are even throwing "FRIENDS" under the bus in order to save the comedy that inaugurated the "Golden Age of Television."

Below are just 20 of the most hilarious reactions.

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TL;DR Netflix will lose rights to stream "FRIENDS" and "The Office" by 2021. Fans of the show are not happy about that.

People are clearly prepared to take radical action.

This may become a core issue in the 2020 U.S. presidential campaigns.

As you can see, there were many threats of violence.

Where are all these rioters when the Trump administration threatens Americans' human rights??

The threat to unsubscribe is everywhere.

It was a day of mourning.

Stay tuned for more Netflix news.