The Official Montreal 2015 No Pants Metro Ride Video You Need To See To Believe

Photo cred - @evablue

Each and every year, right in the thick of winter, a magical thing happens around the world and in Montreal: people take off their pants and ride the metro. An evolution of an elaborate prank that started in New York, the No Pants Subway/Metro ride has become a yearly tradition for Montrealers, and this year someone caught all the bare-legged glory on film.

Montrealers of every variety particpated in the 2015 edition of the No Pants Metro Ride, which occurred on Sunday, January 20th. Invading the STM metro network with all sorts of nakedness, if you saw these folks, no doubt you noticed. If you didn't, check out the video below (by Vincent Laurin) to get in on all the pant-less pandemonium.

No Pants Subway Ride 2015 | Montréal from Vincent Laurin on Vimeo.