The Official Montreal Café Crawl For 2019

16 different locations to try out asap!
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The Official Montreal Café Crawl For 2019
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Spring is almost upon us, Montrealers!As temperatures warm and the blanket of snow and ice that covers the city begins to slip away, we can all finally begin to venture outdoors and enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer.

Chief among Montreal's offerings, of course, are its cafés. Montreal has a café culture that is treasured by its picky and adventurous residents. There's a café out there for everybody and competition between coffee houses has produced some of the most creative and cozy spaces in Canada.

Coffee is an integral component of almost everyone's routine, so as days become longer, why not inject some excitement into your morning coffee run by exploring the diverse Montreal café scene?

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TL;DR Below is a checklist for the ultimate Montreal café crawl. Can you hit them all?

To help you out, we've put together this super-cute master list for 2019. Do you think you can hit them all before the year is out?

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Finals season is also quickly approaching and this crawl could help you transform the task of finding a study spot from a dull obligation into an adventure of urban discovery.

If you're looking specifically for a quiet study spot for all those looming deadlines, you can also check out this master list!

Of course, you don't need to be a student to try out a new café. These places also provide unique beverages and popular backdrops for Montrealers' social media posts.

If you do embark on this trek, share a photo of your experience with us on Instagram by tagging @MTLBlog!

Happy café crawling, Montreal!

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