Montreal's Olympic Stadium Tower Will Be Turned Into A Giant Ski Jump

I'm not sure if the city of Montreal is just toying with my inner child, I really hope not, because I've been dreaming of an event like this one since the first time I saw the Olympic Stadium. Having no idea what the mast of the stadium was, I just assumed it was some kind of big jump. But sadly I was wrong and I later discovered it was just a glorified elevator that leads nowhere.

That is, until now! In honour of Montreal's 375th anniversary, the Olympic Stadium will be hosting a one of a kind event. The mast of the stadium will be transformed into a giant ski jump and the best skiers in the world will be invited to Montreal for a big air competition.

The group responsible for RedBull's Crashed Ice Event, Groupe E.S.T., have confirmed that the project is definitely feasible and there would be no damage to the stadium's structure. But let's face it, even if there was a chance of damage, I think most people would still back the project.

Testing for the project begins in February 2016, and if everything goes smoothly, it will be ready for Montreal's 375th anniversary in 2017.

Courtesy of BLUSH: Lesbian Party MTL Courtesy of BLUSH: Lesbian Party MTL

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