The Olympic Stadium Will Have A Whole New Look By 2017

The Pie-IX and Sherbrooke intersection will never be the same.
The Olympic Stadium Will Have A Whole New Look By 2017

Photo cred - Pejman Par Photography

The city of Montreal is planning on investing $19 million in redeveloping the Olympic Stadium entrance and the hellish intersection that is Sherbrooke and Pie-IX Streets.

As part of Montreal's 375th anniversary, the city wants to give the Olympic Stadium a more iconic entrance with the addition of a new work of art, much like the Georges-Étienne Cartier statue found at Mount Royal, while also making the area more attractive and easier to navigate for both locals and tourists alike, especially the Espace pour la vie, which comprises the Biodome, Botanical Gardens and the Planetarium.

According to La Presse, the proposed plans would essentially reorganize the busy Pie-IX and Sherbrooke intersection, allowing motorists to now be able to turn left, easing congestion on side-streets. It also means that a section of Rachel Street would disappear in order to unite the two green spaces it currently divides, with traffic being redirected to Sherbrooke Street.

While this new set up should theoretically make the lives of motorists a little easier, cyclists will find they can no longer cut through the new park, which is something the city has been trying to discourage for a little while now, by building a raised bike path to the south running along Sherbrooke.

Work is set to begin Summer 2016.

Photo cred - City of Montreal


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