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The One And Only "Clothing Optional" Public Beach You Can Visit In Quebec

An 'adventure' you probably have not done before.
The One And Only "Clothing Optional" Public Beach You Can Visit In Quebec

Montreal is usuallythe city that's a little more laid back than the rest of Canada.

We got the smoking bans later than everyone else, the drinking age is lower than most of the country, and we're famous for our European laissez-allez charm.

So it's curious why we have so many hangups about public nudity. Especially considering the success of Topless Day in Montreal.

Topless and nude beaches are very common in Europe, but they're almost non-existent here.

Women haveevenbeen warned to cover up in the past, so we know it's definitely frowned upon on the island.

If you're lookingto get rid of those tan lines, you've got only 2 options really:

You can eithermake friends with someone who has a really large and private backyard, or you can head down to the only "clothing optional" beach in Quebec.

I'm talking about Oka Beach.

Notofficially recognized as a nude beach, however, according to some nudist bloggers who have actually been there, nudity is tolerated.

Keep in mind it's not the entire beach, so make sure you're in the right place before stripping everything off.

Once you enter the park, you have to walk a little while before you reach a restaurant and some changing room. A little farther passed, you'll see a path that leads to the nude beach.

And if you're still not sure, just keep walking until you see naked people.

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