The One Reason You Should Travel To The Caribbean This Winter

You'll be booking a flight down South after seeing this.
The One Reason You Should Travel To The Caribbean This Winter

Have you seen Jeremy's post about cheap flights out of Montreal today? Given our incredibly cold temperature, I'm sure you can't help but fantasize about relaxing somewhere on a sunny beach. Imagine being careless, rested and perfectly happy. That's the life, my friends.

This week, I found an unbelievably cool activity you can do on a beach and figured that right now would be the perfect timing to share it with you. I want to make you dream a little. Sea Trek Helmet Diving! Have you heard about it?

Forget about scuba diving classes and what not,Sea Trek allows for immediate descent underwater. What's their secret? Their equipment allows for comfortable breathing under water while exploring the ocean.

"Guests breathe normally through their nose and/or mouth. There are no mouthpieces required. Air is continuously flowing through guests’ helmets at a rate that is 3x more air than what is typically needed to breathe normally."

You get to dive as deep as 30 feet in the ocean and "walk" among and interact with fascinating marine creatures. How ridiculously cool is this? Wow!

Sea Trek Website

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