The One Spot In Canada That’s Basically Heaven On Earth

Ice caves, glaciers and the tallest waterfall in the country.

Canada has so many spectacular places to see that it would be impossible to show them all to you.

And yet for some reason, we tend to always admire the same spots such as Lake Louise in Banff

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But the truth is that there some other places around the country that would give lake Louise a run for its money.

And here's one of them:

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This is Strathcona Provincial Park, it is the oldest provincial park in BC.

It was founded way back in 1911 and named after Donald Smith, the 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal. So there's a neat little Montreal connection right there.

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The park is 2,458 square kilometres, and features several mountain peaks, hiking trails, ice caves, lakes, glaciers and waterfalls including Delta Falls which is the highest waterfall in Canada!

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The park also offers camping, fishing kayaking canoeing, swimming, backpacking and skiing.

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For more information check out Strathcona National Park's website.

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