The One Thing That Takes A Guy From Average To Irresistibly Hot

They don't teach this at school.
The One Thing That Takes A Guy From Average To Irresistibly Hot

I can't speak for ALL Montreal females, but I know for a fact that most a lot of women will agree with me on this blog post nonetheless. So what can possibly take an average guy to irresistibly hot levels? Maybe the fact that he likes kids? No. He dresses well? Nope. He loves and respects his mother? Not even. All these things are excellent, but they aren't necessarily what will make me hyperventilate.

The answer is actually quite ironic given the type of industry that I work in. One of the biggest turn offs for a lot of women is a guy who is overly active on his social media profiles. The one who posts selfies, likes and comments other people's photos, writes really "deep" statuses, posts inspirational quotes and photos of his new shoes. It's so unattractive. To me, it literally screams: "I'm bored and boring!"

What makes a man hot is being really low key on the Internet. It means that he's actually busy with his life, work, and family... He simply doesn't have time to waste online. So hot! You know what's even better? If he's not on social media networks at all.

There's nothing less attractive than that desperate person who keeps liking photos and leaving heart emojis under every Instagram girl's bikini shot. You must know at least one guy like that.

Sometimes you depend on social media because of the nature of your business and that's different. But when your man is the male version of Kylie Jenner who Snapchats his every step, takes photos of his lunch and uses "boss life quotes" as his Facebook statuses... we have a serious problem.

Whenever I meet a man and he tells me that he's not very active on Facebook, my excitement levels skyrocket. It's like I'm dealing with someone who has actual priorities in life, someone real. Bingo! In addition, when a person is not tied to social media - imagine how much headache you're saving yourself from. You won't need to worry about him liking other girls' photos, posting pictures of the two of you together, changing your relationship status and other useless fights that social media can trigger. Also, you can't really stalk him, so he never loses that mystery status that we all love so much. It's honestly genius.

The less of your private life you choose to share with the rest of the world, the happier you end up being and the more attractive you become in the eyes of people around you. It's only human nature to be drawn to things that aren't too "available." If you remain mysterious, it will undoubtedly attract curiosity and attention.

This can actually apply to women too, but coming from the queen of social media (a.k.a. me), it might not sound 100% convincing. Give it a shot, take a break from social media and see how you life changes for the better. This unhealthy addiction has got to stop.

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