The One Thing That's Stopping You From Being Happy In Montreal

And how you can 'fix' it.
The One Thing That's Stopping You From Being Happy In Montreal

Take a moment and ask yourself, "How am I feeling today?" Be honest. Do you feel stressed, anxious, balanced, happy, overwhelmed? It's unbelievably cold outside, you can't help but daydream about hot summer days. Right? Of course.

Happiness rules every single one of our life's decisions. We work, study, get into relationships, exercise, eat - all this just to be happy; it's as simple as that. Where's the problem, you ask? I'll explain. Because we're constantly chasing that feeling, we fail to live in a permanent state of happiness instead. It's like chasing the horizon - so close, we can almost feel it, yet we can't just grab it.


Montreal has been exceptionally cold during Valentine's day weekend. We're expecting ice rain tomorrow... Great, just great. You've undoubtedly heard people complain about the weather and how they don't know why they still live in this city.

Montrealers look forward to spring and summer. That's when we'll start living and when Montreal will start to "breath" again, right? Wrong! It's important to try and find a state of balance and comfort inside of us even when the weather outside is not collaborating.


It's not always easy to appreciate every moment when it comes to relationships. People who are single look forward to meeting that special someone. I have girlfriends who desperately attend every possible 5 à 7 at Downtown bars in hopes of meeting the businessman of their dreams.

Those who are in relationships aren't satisfied either. I have a friend who has been with her boyfriend for about 10 years. She is annoyed with the fact that he hasn't proposed to her yet and this frustration is holding her back from being happy in the moment.

What we fail to understand is - wishing and hoping for something other than what we have right now stops us from living in a permanent state of happiness and turns our life into a never-ending chase.


The job market in Montreal is highly competitive and it's not always easy to find a decent position after graduation. Many Montrealers stress about their finances, bills, being underpaid, not working at the job they love... All this stops us from being happy.

We assume that life starts once we land that dream job and, consequently, buy that dream house and car. We're so busy making plans and living in the future that we forget that life is what happens today, not in a year from now.

Health and fitness

During cold winter months, many Montrealers work on achieving that "dream summer body." Don't get me wrong, it's great to have goals, train at the gym and lead an active lifestyle. What's important is to still love your own body even if it doesn't correspond to a perfect image/goal that you've set for yourself.


Montrealers live for the weekend. Most of us hate Mondays and get excited when Friday rolls around. It's not the best mentality to live by given that the weekend only represents about 30% of our lives. It means that 70% of our lifetime is spent dissatisfied. That's a very sad statistic.

In other words, what's stopping you from being happy in Montreal today is not living in the moment. Don't worry about the future, focus on today, appreciate the cold, love yourself, don't wait for the weekend to live and thank the Universe for everything that has been given to you. Find happiness within yourself, because it's there, we just forget about it sometimes. Have a happy Monday! <3

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