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The Online Color Challenge Is Addictive

A quick and fun way to see how good you are with your colors.
The Online Color Challenge Is Addictive

Seeing the difference between red and blue is an easy ocular feat, but how will your eyes fair against a subtler change in color? Can you spot a change in a color's shade, or is the difference between aquamarine and sea foam entirely lost to you?

Find out your personal color I.Q. with the Online Colour Challenge created by X-rite.

The Color Challenge is simple enough: two fixed colours are placed at the opposite ends of a row and you must move around the intermediary tiles to make a perfect transition from the first to last color. Again, this sounds like child's play, but given that 1 out of 255 women, and 1 out of 12 men, have some form of color deficiency, you may not score as well as you think.

After finishing the quick color quiz, X-rite gives you a detailed graph on your personal colour I.Q. Using a simple bar graph aligned with the color spectrum, you can plainly see which color gradients are the most difficult for you to recognize. You can then compare your own score with those in your age demographic, to see how you measure up to others your own age.

Got a quick second at the office? Killing time during class? Use the moment (somewhat) productively and find out your Colour I.Q.

Do you have an artist's masterful gaze? Did the test tell you your eyes are closer to a dog's color range? Think the test is totally bogus? Let us know in the comments below.

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