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The Online Pre-Boxing Day Up To 70% Off Sale On Shoes And Accessories You Gotta Check Out

Shoes are my weakness. I buy a new pair whenever I'm celebrating something, having a rough day, or just want to feel fabulous... I can't help it! So you can probably guess that I have a lot of pairs... which comes in handy when I have to find the right one to match with my outfit!

Whether or not you're a shoe fanatic like me, everyone needs a strong selection of shoes to shine in every occasion, and with New Year's Eve being just around the corner, it's the perfect time to buy a new pair!

But the problem with good quality shoes is that they can be very costly... so if you're looking for new shoes during the Holidays, it's especially useful to know where the best sales are at!

Luckily, a HUGE online Boxing Day sale for men and women is coming our way, with renowned brands selling shoes and style accessories for up to 70% off, and you, dear reader, have exclusive access as of right now!

via @boxfresh

One of these brands is Boxfresh, offering up to 70% off on classic footwear looks for men inspired by city life. If you've been looking for shoes that you can wear both at the office and at the bar, look no further, because those shoes are sharp yet relaxed!

*Promo code: BOXMTL40

via @lowellmtl

The sale also features local brand LOWELL, whose Montreal-made leather bags are both gorgeous and trendy. High-quality handbags, backpacks and key chains are available for 25 % off, including the kickass fur Amsterdam backpack featured above!

*Promo code: LOWMTL25

ohw? are participating in the sale as well, offering classy hand-crafted men's footwear for up to 70% off, with a selection of dressed-up and laid-back styles that fit right into the city slicker's wardrobe.

*Promo Code:OHWMTL40

PLDM, the sportswear shoe line by French brand PALLADIUM, is offering amazing boots and shoes for both genders for up to 70% off! The mix of traditional work-wear with urban contemporary style is a great blend for shoes you can wear to look cool AND be comfortable!

*Promo code: PLDMTL30

Maians are also part of the party with its wide selection of boots and shoes for up to 70% off  for both men and women. Made in Spain, Maians footwear is produced with artisan methods, a rare feat in this era of mass consumption!

*Promo code: MAIANSMTL40

via @jshoes

Last but not least, J Shoes are participating in the sale too! They're a British brand who uses the finest quality leathers to craft timeless, elegant shoes and boots.

*no promo code needed

This sale is the perfect occasion to find fabulous new shoes and style accessories at a discount price for yourself or for someone dear who might just need them!

This fantastic sale, at up to 70% off regular prices, is exclusively available now for our readers, so check out BoxfreshLOWELLohw?PLDMMaians and J Shoes's websites and start shopping!