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Wine Christmas Stockings? Yes, Wine Christmas Stockings!

Your prayers have been heard.
Wine Christmas Stockings? Yes, Wine Christmas Stockings!

Christmas time is, by far, the cheesiest time of the year. You have basic Xmas music taking over shopping malls, ugly sweater sales, pre-made useless gift bags you can purchase and pretend like you actually put some thought into gifts for your friends and family...

You know what's not cheesy about this holiday? Freaking wine Christmas stockings! Unless, of course, you decide to pair it with some delicious cheeses (see what I did there?).

It's called "Santa's flask" and it dispenses drinks! Fill it up with whatever alcoholic beverage your heart desires, hang it on the mantle or in the kitchen and let the party begin. Just look how it brings everyone together:

Your friends are going to love your Christmas flask. Take your party from basic to amazing in a matter of seconds. Imagine the look on everyone's faces when you show up to a Christmas party with this thing?! Priceless. You don't even need a Xmas tree if you have this baby hanging on the wall. Who needs trees when you can get tipsy from a Christmas stocking? Seriously.

Best $20 ever spent. Check it out here.

Photo cred - Amazon