The Only Montreal Thing That's Better Than Sex

This literally saved my life.
The Only Montreal Thing That's Better Than Sex

I had a shitty day yesterday, so I was thinking of ways to make myself feel better. Shopping? Nah. Maybe ordering some sushi? Nope, wasn't feeling it. Vodka? Yes! Just kidding, vodka isn't better than sex.

I'm a slightly very emotional human being and, sometimes, my mind plays tricks on me. I often find myself caught in the middle of my own thoughts. Caught so deep, that I can't actually get out of the ocean of my emotional turmoil sometimes. Can you relate?

The ONLY thing that helps me calm my own thoughts is meditationIf you've never attended a meditation class before, keep on reading, as I want to give you a little sneak peek into what it's like. It's an experience that can't be compared to anything else in this world.

The meditation class that I usually attend is at a West Island fitness centre called Cielo Studios. I've tried to meditate alone, but it's not the same. When you're surrounded by likeminded people, the whole experience intensifies and makes it so much more powerful.

Our instructor, Lynn, is a very pleasant lady with a soothing voice. First, she makes us do some stretching and breathing exercises. Once we complete this part, she lights some candles and meditation begins.

The goal of meditation is to completely clear out your mind from thoughts. Try and not think about anything except your own breathing for at least ten minutes and magical things will start to happen. In order to make it easier, we're asked to repeat "OMMM!" (sacred sound) a few times out loud and then, slowly, start to repeat it inside our heads.

Before you know it, you will find yourself somewhere in between being asleep and awake. I don't know what meditation feels like for other people, but it's quite a fascinating experience for me. My mind becomes like a computer folder filled with files. I can go back in time and watch my favourite childhood memories. I can also face my deepest fears, regrets and worries but without that heavy feeling that's usually attached to them. You become an observer of your own mind. It's difficult to explain, but it's the most captivating thing ever.

Once your meditation is over, it takes some time for you to come back to your "normal" self. I, personally, feel extremely light. Almost like I'm flying and not just walking. I remember the first time after a meditation class, I got into my car and started to drive back home. I couldn't understand what was going on because everything looked different. I thought I was lost for a moment. I noticed buildings I never saw before, a Justin Bieber song playing on the radio sounded different, I saw everything clearer than ever - it's like all my senses became more acute. Have you ever noticed the texture of the steering wheel? Exactly. It's like you're high on drugs, except that you're not. You're high on life. And I was feeling completely at peace. No worries or problems were bothering me. Too bad this feeling only lasts for about an hour after the meditation class.

It's crazy how we're always in our "bubble" and don't take our time to look around and observe the world we live in. We're so busy worrying about tomorrow, when what really matters happens today, right now, as you're reading this sentence. I know meditation sounds like something that crazy granola vegans do, but you need to give it a shot at least once in your life before completely rejecting it. If everyone was as chill as I was after my meditation class, Montreal (and the world) would be a better place. Namaste!

Also, check out Lynn's website!

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