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The OPUS Card Every One In Montreal Needs

Making your life in the city so much easier.
The OPUS Card Every One In Montreal Needs

Last week I came across a story with a very misleading title claiming you could rent BIXI bikes with your OPUS card.

I quickly realized this was bullshit because, not only is this service only available on 15 BIXI stations, but you actually still need a BIXI account, which must then be linked to your OPUS card.

So the only difference is you'll have 1 less card in your wallet. And we all know how much room those pesky cards can take up.

But that got me thinking, BIXI is a system of public transportation and it should really used in tandem with the metro and the buses.

It's as if we have a two tiered public transportation systems. The first is the Metro/Bus network and the other is the Uber/Taxi/BIXI network.

But if the city truly wanted to make public transportation more popular and convenient, the only logical solution would be to bundle up all these services onto one single card with 1 flat fee.

No one wants to spend tons of money on monthly passes only to be forced to spend more on BIXI or the occasional Uber Ride.

They don't even need to be unlimited.

Imagine if your monthly Opus card also included 5 BIXI rides and 1 emergency Taxi/Uber ride per month. With the option to add more.

Montreal is always trying to encourage people to use more public transportation and this would be a great way to do it. It certainly would work better than riding your bike naked to encourage people to leave their cars at home:

All The Photos You REALLY Don’t Want To See From Montreal’s 2016 World Naked Bike Ride

That alone would make a world of difference because you'd be introducing BIXI to a ton of people who would otherwise never bother to get a BIXI membership.

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