Quebec Political Party Wants To Pay You To Carpool

Earn extra money while commuting to work.
Quebec Political Party Wants To Pay You To Carpool

Commuting to work can be a drag, especially when you drive – there's the traffic and wait times. Not to mention the cost of gas and parking. 

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Even with these factors, Montreal residents still have to drive their car to work. 

With the elections around the corner (October 1st), political parties are stepping up their game and their promises. 

One such promise has been made by Parti Quebecois (PQ) who actually wants to pay you to carpool. The PQ wants to create an app, where people who are looking for a ride would "match" to one another, based on their location. 

Both drivers and passengers would benefit. The PG would compensate both parties $4 each way to their destination. 

The app would be available across the province of Quebec, but it's aimed especially for those residing in Montreal and Quebec City. 

The reason for the PQ to create this app is to decrease the number of cars on the road across the province. Currently, there's an average of 1.2 people per car. The PQ  wants this number to reach 1.4 people per car. This would mean approximately 150,000 cars that would no longer be on the road! That would be a tremendous reduction! 

The app would be similar to Quebec City’s Copilote parking app, which is user-friendly and also funded by the province. 

If this party is elected, you could earn money while commuting!