The Perfect Saturday & Sunday Winter Weekend In Montreal

A 48 hour bucket list in the city.

We're lucky to live in a city where there are endless options of places to eat and activities to do.

That being said, it can be challenging to move from point A to point B swiftly in the winter when our bicycles are in the shed.

This is where car2go comes in. The service allows you to unlock a car with your phone and get you going on your own time. That means that it allows you to move everywhere in the city without worrying about transit or parking. Yes, you read that right, Car2Go lets you park the car when you get to your destination, and parking is free in all cities (forget about meters!).

With that knowledge in mind, you're more than ready to spend the perfect weekend in the city.


A New Take On Brunch

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In my book, every great Saturday starts with a hearty brunch, and Montreal's a city where brunch spots abound!

While you probably have your favourites, why not try something new (and equally delicious) this time?

Grab a car and head over to St.Henri, a neighborhood that is getting cooler by the minute. You can stroll along Notre-Dame St. W. and go to Arthur's, Montreal's premier Jewish style nosh bar, for out-of-the-ordinary brunches; think Jewish classics, revisited.

Hop back into the car2go, direction downtown, to go...

Check Out An Architectural & Art Feat

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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has a brand-new pavilion, the Michael and Renata Hornstein Pavillion for Peace, and you can visit it for FREE until January 15th! Not only does it house an incredible selection of art, from Old Masters to contemporary artists, but the building itself is worth the detour! Not only is it an architectural wonder, but it also offers a mind-blowing view of the city.

For more alternative art galleries, check out Station 16 Gallery or Artgang

LOLS and Luminothérapie

While you're downtown, you've got to check out this year's installation in Quartier des Spectacles. Between Jeanne-Mance Street and Balmoral Street, giant zoetropes are installed, waiting to be activated to bring fairy-tale images to life. Yep, you'll have to move inside of them to witness a story made out of images, which should create a magical moment indeed!

Late Lunch At Lola Rosa

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Head over to the Plateau to Lola Rosa for a late lunch. This vegetarian spot specializes in healthy, hearty and delicious vegetarian meals, which is sure to fill you up for your next adventure at...

Parc Jean-Drapeau

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Not only do we live on an island, but we also have island parks right next to our big island. Parc Jean-Drapeau is a must-go due to the insane selection of activities that you can do year-round, and it's especially magical during the winter! You can go for a hike along the trails, check out the casino's festive activities, or attend the Fête des neiges de Montréal, which will happen every weekend from January 14th to February 5th, 2017.

Cheer Up In Chinatown

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Chinatown is one of my favourite neighborhoods to go out to eat at: it is home to dozens of restaurants and has a mood of its own that brings a new perspective on the city. My personal favourites? Vietnamese restaurants Pho Bang New York and Pho Bac.


Brunch on the weekend shouldn't be limited to one day only... Right? Get up nice and early and head to the restaurant before everyone wakes up because you'll want to make the most of your day!

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I've heard only good things about brunch at Lawrence, especially since it's my BFF's favourite spot! Go early to avoid the lineups and enjoy a brunch out of the ordinary.

Spa Sunday

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Sunday is the day of the week to take it easy, so why not go to a spa today?

Bota Bota offers a calming water-based experience. Not only is it situated on a boat, it also offers water circuits with lots of benefits including stress relief and the elimination of toxins.

Situated in the Old Port, you'll have fabulous #views of the city. If you go early, it's cheaper before 11 a.m.!

Healthy Eats

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Grab your car2go and head a bit West to have a delicious lunch at Cafe Bloom, one of my favourite cafes in the city. Not only is the coffee delicious, but their food is all fresh and homemade! Try one of their vegetarian sandwiches or the chicken and avocado sandwich (my fave!) with one of their delicious side salads or soups.

Get Up There!

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Since you're fuelled up and are in Pointe Saint-Charles already, why not try rock climbing at Allez Up? The sport has been seeing its popularity reach unprecedented heights recently, and there are reasons for that. It has amazing benefits for your physical AND mental health and changes from your regular gym routine.

Dinner At A Quality Restaurant

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After climbing, you'll be craving food! Cadet is a new restaurant, opened by the same owners as Bouillon Bilk. The food quality is exceptional, and the decor is pretty. It's a great place to finish your weekend beautifully!

Indie Movie at Cinema du Parc

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You've relaxed, worked out, and ate, and you deserve to be taken away by a great story. Montreal has a few indie cinemas that are worth the detour. Take your Car2Go and head to the McGill ghetto to Cinema du Parc, which offers a great selection of local and international movies in English and French.

After this weekend filled with adventures, you'll go home with the peace of mind that comes along with having lived your days off to the fullest.

Driving a car in the city doesn't have to be complicated, and it is super simple with car2go! For a limited time only, car2go offers free registration and a $5 bonus drive so that you can take your first drive on them.