The Perfect Valentine's Day Cards For The Nerd In Your Love Life

Nothing says love like a grown man dressed up in a bat costume.
The Perfect Valentine's Day Cards For The Nerd In Your Love Life

Nerds need love too, and these Batman Valentines, circa 1966, will make the geek in your life fog up his/her glasses with adoration.

Cartoonist Mike Anderson, who bought a collection of vintage Batman VDay cards off of Ebay, has graciously uploaded these corny cards onto the interwebs, for all to enjoy. But mostly comic book fans.

Everyone knows nerds do it best, so pick out your fave, print it out, and hand it off to that sexy guy with glasses who carries around a Wonder Woman lunchbox. Okay, that last part was just a description of myself, I just really wanna get one of these Valentine's cards.

Check 'em out below.

Some might say he's a man that's "batty" for Valentine's Day? Eh, eh? Get it?

Giving a concussion to a weird alien-dragon-creature, the ultimate gesture of love.

With legs like that Robin, you don't need a card to get in my pants.  Too creepy?

When flying your Bat-plane on VDay, beware of floating atmospheric hearts,

Well, that's a euphemism if I ever heard one.

Well, if the Bat-computer says so, who am I to disagree?

Who will you be giving a VDay card to?

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