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The Pet-Friendly Recycling Machine That Montreal Needs

Your recycled plastic can now save an animal's life.
The Pet-Friendly Recycling Machine That Montreal Needs

A Turkish company has invented a machine that recycles plastic AND feeds stray animals. 'Pugedon' is it's name, and it's pretty freaking awesome! This machine is making its way around Europe and Montreal seriously needs to invest in one.

European countries are known to have many stray dogs and cats roaming the streets of their cities. Istanbul is no exception, with an estimated number of over 100,000 stray dogs.

Pugedon takes in plastic bottles to be recycled and in exchange, the machine dispenses enough food for one stray animal. Pugedon is capable of feeding both cats and dogs. There is also an empty bowl for you to fill up with your extra water before recycling your bottle. This machine encourages citizens to recycle, and prolongs the lives of stray or abandonned animals who usually rely on the city's residents for food.

Here are 5 reasons why Montreal should get Pugedon machines:

1. Prolongs the lives of stray animals

If Montreal and its boroughs invested in Pugedon machines it would help to prolong the lives of stray animals. Many stray, lost or abandoned animals suffer from malnutrition or dehydration before someone finds them and brings them in to a shelter, sometimes they don't make it at all.

2. Help for animal shelters

Pugedon could possibly help the animal shelters who need funding for food to feed stray dogs and cats. If one of these machines were included in animal shelters it would be beneficial as the company could recycle, while being able to feed animals they take in.

3. More recycling

Even where there are recycling stations in Montreal, people still throw their plastic in the trash. Pugedon would encourage recycling and keep plastic out of the trash, giving Montrealers a better reason to recycle while saving animals. Lets not forget that un-recycled plastic ends up in landfills and can take up to 1000 years to decompose!

4. Quebec has more stray animals than you think

In 2014 the SPCA took in close to 15,000 abandoned animals in Quebec alone and 13,000 of them were dogs and cats. Every month the SPCA takes in about 600 abandoned pets in Quebec. These numbers can double or even triple in the month of July (around moving day).

5.  Because why not ?

Montreal has tons of places to help feed the homeless, so why not help feed homeless animals? If Pugedon can help us save the environment and stray animals, then why not?

Check out their website here !

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