The Plateau Admits They Fvcked Up But Still Won't Be Clearing Any Snow

An official apology from the mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal.
The Plateau Admits They Fvcked Up But Still Won't Be Clearing Any Snow

Photo cred - montrealismes

Residents of the Plateau (and everyone who happens to walk/drive through the area) were understandably enraged when Luc Ferrandez, the mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal, publicly stated the borough would not be clearing up ice/snow in the streets last week, citing budget restraints as the cause. But it's okay, because the mayor feels really bad about it.

Speaking to CTV, the mayor of the Plateau said he "feel[s] sorry" about the whole situation. Phew, and here we thought the Plateau was cutting out all snow clearing operations just for funsies. Good thing he feels guilty, because that'll save you from slipping on sheets of ice that were once the sidewalk.

Going on about how the borough has next to no money for clearing up snow/ice, the mayor explained the Plateau only has enough cash to pay for 5 snow removal operations this winter, with two already completed. Pray to the high spirits of winter that we only get three more snowfalls,, which is totally likely, because February is such a warm and easy month, right?

The whole thing is kind of a "sorry not sorry" situation, as no efforts are really being done (as far as we know) to ameliorate the situation and actually get the streets of the Plateau cleared more than three more times for the rest of the winter 2015 season. God speed Plateau residents, and watch where you're walking.