The Plateau Will Not Be Clearing Any Snow For The Rest Of Winter

The Plateau-Mont Royal's mayor is stopping the snow plows.
The Plateau Will Not Be Clearing Any Snow For The Rest Of Winter

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One thing we thought we would never, ever hear from any municipal leader in Montreal is the official prohibition of snow removal. Increasing the amount of plows, yes, but stopping them entirely? Sounds crazy, but insanity is now reality in the Plateau, reports TVA.

Luc Ferrandez, the mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal, has officially stated that the borough will stop nearly all snow removal operations on roads, due to budget restraints.

Ferrandez blames the recent changes to the budget of each borough created by Denis Coderre and his team, basically saying that the Plateau got screwed over, and to make up for the loss in cash he'll need to end snow removal.

Somehow this isn't a worry for the mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal. The borough doesn't have as many driveways, so less snow will go onto the roads, and there are more pedestrians in comparison to other areas in the city, and this way the Plateau can focus on sidewalks. That line of thinking makes me think I'm taking crazy pills or something.

What this all sounds like is a political bitch-out on the part of the Plateau. To get back at Coderre for cutting the borough's budget, the Plateau mayor is stopping all snow removal, which will justifiably piss people off. That way, when Plateau citizens complain, the Plateau mayor will be able to say "well blame it on Coderre."

Great to know our city leaders are so mature. And you know who gets screwed over the most? Well, the citizens of the Plateau of course, and everyone who goes through the area on a daily basis. Good thing it barely ever snows in Montreal. Please note the angry sarcasm.

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