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The Police Can Now Force You To Take A Breathalyzer Test At Home

Over the holidays, the police in Canada were able to demand a breathalyzer test from drivers even if they didn't have any reasonable suspicions. And if you thought that was a little invasive, you won't believe what else they're allowed to do.

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TL;DR The police in Canada can now force you to submit to a brearthlyzer test at home, bars and restaurants. You could be found guilty and arrested if it's been less than two hours since you last drove.

According to the new impaired driving laws in Canada, the police can now legally demand a breathalyzer test from you even when you're not driving a vehicle.  That means they can now breathalyze you in restaurants, in bars, and even in your own house!

Let's say you're drive home after a long day of work and after you get there you start having some drinks. The cops show up at your door claiming someone saw you driving suspiciously and you now have to submit to breathalyzer test.

If you refuse, they can arrest you, give you a fine, and even suspend your license!

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And if you happen to fail breathalyzer test and it's been less than two hour since you were on the road, then you were technically "drinking and driving" even though you only starting drinking after you finished driving.

If it sounds crazy, that's because it is.

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