The Poutine Baked Potato You Can Eat In Montreal Right Now

Get it before it's gone.
The Poutine Baked Potato You Can Eat In Montreal Right Now

By now, we can only assume that poutine has been done in every manner possible. Served around the world, the dish has been topped with everything imaginable, vegan-ized, and switched up with ingredients that fall out of the potato-curd-gravy trinity (which is blasphemy).

But one Montreal eatery has remade the poutine without changing the core concept or adding ridiculous ingredients, instead modifying the poutine format to innovate the dish in a way that stays true to the comfort-inducing feels a bite of a poutine should create.

Allow us to introduce to you (unless you've already had it) to the Baked Potato Poutine, crafted by and only available at L'Gros Luxe Sud-Ouest.

Adhering to the ingredient trinity, L'Gros Luxe's still features tons of curds, plenty of gravy, and all the potato you could ever want. The only real difference is that it's all housed in a baked potato instead of a mess of fries, which proves to be a sensuous new way to enjoy the pleasures of poutine.

In fact, people have loved the Baked Potato Poutine so much that L'Gros Luxe Sud-Ouest actually extended the dish's lifespan on the resto's menu. On February 18th, the Notre-Dame street eatery said the dish would be available for another two weeks, meaning you have about 8 more days to get your mouth around a Baked Potato Poutine.

Get 'em while they're hot people, because the Baked Potato Poutine won't be around forever.

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